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 [Release] Lagg reducer *Works for combat arms!*

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PostSubject: [Release] Lagg reducer *Works for combat arms!*   7/14/2009, 06:29

Hello people of UnitedGaming!

Are you tired of endless,annoying lagg? Well look no further. I am using a great lagg reducer called GameBooster!
GameBooster is a free and viruse free program that just basicly closes all unused programs that are useless and shuts down all the memory they are taking up!
This will help you pwn all the newbs in CA and help you in clan wars!

This Program was made by Iobit online, i do not take any credit for making ''GameBooster''
This was just made to improve quality of online games!

This program works for any online game! Watever game u wanna reduce lagg to, you name it!

------------------- LINK -----------------------------

--------------- Download Instructions -----------------------------

1.) Go to link that is posted

2.) When you are on the page you will see the gamebooster sign, under it is a ''Free Download'' sign. Click it

3.) You will then be on a website called, you should see a blue download now sign. click it

4.) Then you will see a rectangualr box with a message. Click it and there you go you downloaded the GameBooster have fun everyone i hope this helped! :D
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[Release] Lagg reducer *Works for combat arms!*
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