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 What i posted on nexons site

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General of the Army [Leader]

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PostSubject: What i posted on nexons site   2/6/2009, 03:40

It was so big they sent it to admin to approve it for the site.

Snowball thing was not a bug, was a normal mission, if you think right, you will see that it was not a bug
Nexon quotes:
Snowball Game Mode Exploit

Attention Soldiers,
There is an exploit found in the recent game mode, Snowball. We are looking into resolving this issue as soon as we can. We will be investigating those who abuse this exploit and take the appropriate course of action against these abusers.
If you would like to report these abusers please go here. Please submit evidence of them in the act of exploiting and a screen shot of the final score board.
Thank you,

-Hime- & the GM Team

An exploit - is a piece of software, a chunk of data, or sequence of commands that take advantage of a bug, glitch or vulnerability in order to cause unintended or unanticipated behavior to occur on computer software, hardware, or something electronic.

As far as i can tell this isn't a exploit this is what i would call a lack on nexons part by not setting a limit to how many missions per game they thought was fair. So by saying this was a exploit you were saying the game play was defected somehow? Please feel free to let me know how it was defect or was it just that nexon didn't make the game play as they wanted an the failure to fix it right then they just demote people for an unjust reason. I know i've spent more on this game than probably all my other games combined and yes true that is my choice but is it not illegal to take my gp that ive got from the blackmarket mercs i bought? If something isn't done about this i will report to the bbb, not that nexon even cares about the post but i will still do it. Im truely sorry i didn't know it was illegel to get as many points as possible per game, but i've stopped coming to forums for a while now cuz of the lack on nexons part to bann people that i've posted on time and time again. i have to main accounts and posted over 100 hackers total still haven't been reward gp for reports and got any hackers banned as far as i know. Sad thing is nexon demotes people for their own failures while the hackers still hack away 1 day after patch. good job truely on your hosting.
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PostSubject: Re: What i posted on nexons site   7/14/2009, 06:06

thx this helped, i guess o_o
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What i posted on nexons site
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